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At Hodgson Contracting, we believe in doing the best job the first time.
For over 22 years, we have built our reputation on uncompromising standards, and a goal of zero revisits, with more than 1000 successful reclamation projects that have received AER certificates.

Zero revisits makes us the preferred choice for quality reclamations and allows our customers to budget accurately.
Doing the work right the first time is usually the most cost effective approach, which accounts for our industry-leading customer retention rate.


HCL utilizes proven reclamation techniques to achieve our goal of zero-revisits. We have made a significant investment in over 30 specialty implements that are available, right when the customer needs them to complete reclamation projects successfully, the first time. HCL is able to restore disturbed land back to full agricultural or natural productive capacity. This service includes subsoil and topsoil replacement, decompaction, contouring, erosion control, road decommissioning and revegetation. HCL has four tree-planting / site preparing attachments that fit onto the rippers of the Dozers. Two attachments can be pulled by one Dozer and it will decompact the soil like a Para-till. This leaves a furrow for moisture retention and a dirt windrow for tree planting. This method patterns the surface contours for the control of water runoff to enhance.


HCL is equipped to complete the Remedial Work Plans that result from Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. The RWP’s may also be a part of a Phase III ESA. Our remediation services include the removal and transportation of impacted soils, the provision of clean clay fill, and other mitigation measures in order to return the site as close to its original state as possible.

Spill Response

The HCL team is available 24 / 7. We maintain an inventory of spill response equipment of our own Trucks and Trailers that allow our crew to mobilize quickly and seamlessly for emergencies; and efficiently for routine clean-ups. Our spill response capabilities include containment, recovery and removal of impacted soil, and many other impact mitigation measures. HCL owns and supplies temporary fencing (both rigid and flexible) to secure open excavation access during projects, as well as heavy-duty matting for equipment stability and safety.

Civil Earthworks

HCL has experience in construction including erosion control, slope stabilization, drainage management, lease and road construction, fence installation and removal, water pumping and more. HCL also offers custom fabrication services and the development of site specific tools or attachments as part of our full service policy for serving our customers. This includes any attachment or custom implement for any given specification or requirement, as well as any structure required to be manufactured and installed on-site permanently.


To mobilize our equipment; HCL owns a fleet of truck and trailer combinations that include tandem and tridem tractor-trucks, tridem axle low beds, scissor necks and jeep combinations. For smaller equipment; HCL has dual rear wheel 2 ton picker and dump style trucks, tandem/tridem axle tilt decks and dump trailers for mobilizing equipment and/or materials to location. We have custom engineered our tandem/tridem axle truck box and trailer configurations (both pony pup/end dump) utilizing tub style and polyurethane lined boxes, sealed end gates and electric tarps. The reduced vertical and horizontal compaction forces combined with modified front box angle/long cylinder combination gives us a 50+ degree dumping angle, 10 degrees more than most other standard boxes. The result of these changes has made our unloading process quicker due to less material sticking, translating to more efficient and safe cycle times. The features we have incorporated into our units to optimize the performance of the fleet in dirt/clay hauling have reduced the amount of times that the drivers have to enter the box. This has increased the productivity and safety for the drivers.

Allu Bucket Services

HCL has acquired the newest version of an Allu Bucket. It handles wet clay very well and is much more productive than the older versions of an Allu Bucket. The product is smaller which allows for more material to be aerated for quicker reduction of light end hydrocarbons. This Allu Bucket has 2 settings – 25mm or 50mm which allows the most productive setting for variable materials, we can also process topsoil with sticks and sod lumps to produce a product that is easily spreadable. This allows for on-site upgrading of topsoil that may otherwise require amendments.

NEW! Gravel Sales & Delivery

HCL has a modern well maintained fleet of tridem gravel trucks, tri-axle pups, belly dumps and end dumps to haul all types of material safely to and from location.


The training and years of experience enable our personnel to manage and deliver on the HCL Chain of Command, Quality Control, and Safety Requirements. This enables HCL to communicate effectively with the customer on-site representative when there are various activities, with multiple pieces of equipment, to continue to deliver the best results for our shared customer.

The HCL Oilfield Ticketing System was created by HCL to save our customers time and money. Field tickets are sent out electronically using oilfieldticketing.com that enables files to be accessed from your computer or smart phone.

There are three (3) easy ways to use oilfieldticketing.com

  1. Use it as a way to conveniently access all of your HCL field tickets.
  2. Upload your signature, make a virtual stamp, and use the real-time messenger.
  3. Use the OT system to review past work and print HCL field ticket copies from your secure portal.


Protecting our team, customers, the public, and the environment is our top priority. Our safety program includes comprehensive employee training, a Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy, daily site meetings, active membership in and certifications with CLRA, ACSA, ComplyWorks, and ISNetworld.




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